Bad Boo Band – Knulla I Bangkok (1979)

April 1:st 2013 – Rare Swedish KBD punk

Bad Boo Band – Knulla I Bangkok

Bad Productions ‎– GB-7210 – 1979 – 7″

I met Lars-Erik Smås, vocalist of Bad Boo Band, around x-mas this year. He told me some good stories about the band. I asked him how many copies was pressed of this as the figures that circulate is between 110 and 300. He told me that the record was more or less a “make to order”. The band had a rough idea who would buy the record and pressed it accordingly. 150 copies is what he remembered. There was plans to make a sleeve but the band had no money for it. They sold all copies anyhow. At least we had printed labels, Lars-Erik says.

The best song is the A-Side, ♬ Knulla I Bangkok, (mp3 320 kbps) translation – Fucking in Bangkok, which is a humourous? song about a man having sex with prostitutes in Bangkok and therefore logically being rejected by Swedish women. I presume you need to understand the Swedish lyrics to fully appreciate this record. The record was played at the punk show “Ny Våg” on Swedish national radio and was considered inappropriate by the Swedish board of Radio (where listeners could file complaints). The B-side, ♬ Bad Production (mp3 320 kbps) is not as impressive.

The band was from Hedemora (same “city” as Asocial by the way). Some years later the band released another single, Släcka Alla Ljuset, but I understand that the band was not active at that time. It was more an initiative by Dan Eliasson (bass). This guy went to law school and has been deputy chief of the Swedish secret police and is currently some real hot-shot in Swedish Social Democrat administration including being ambassador and holding other heavy positions.

I came by this record through my want list on this site. It’s from a Gothenburg Psych collector who thought it did not really fit his collection. I can understand him

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  1. Martin

    Congrats on finding this one! If I knew tehre was a copy for sale in my own hometown I’d made a try to get my hands on it. Actually, I don’t think the b-side is too bad. If they added vocals to it, it would’ve been pretty simular to Knulla i Bangkok as it’s basicly the vocals and lyrics that makes the song a super hit.

  2. the editor

    You are right about the B-side. I am happy to steal the record in your hometown. It was however not a bargain!!! The seller knew the full value.!