Repairing a super rare record

July 3:nd 2012 – Reparing an record with an eraser

Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H. ‎– Har Full Insyn

Golden Shower Records – GS 002 – 1985 – 7″

It is not everyday you find a über-rare record in the flea market. However – this is such a record. The sleeve was and the vinyl looked a little scratchy. However – trying to play it on the turntable it skipped so much that it I was not able to play the whole record. In 99 of 100 cases I would just get rid of it and look for another copy. This one was however only pressed in 150 to 200 copies so to find another copy is not easy done. So it’s time for some record repair.

Using an eraser that preferable sits on the end of a pencil I started to “erase” the scratches by moving it in the direction of the groves over the scratch. This smooth the sharp edge of the scratch (but will not destroy the grooves). It takes some time and I need to move the turntable by hand to identify all scratches, in his case 7 in total. I then cleaned the record still stilled water on a cotton cloth. After that I increased the needle pressure on my turntable (from 2 grams to 5 grams) and pushed the anti-skating to the bottom. Scary! As a miracle the record plays! It does not sound nice – but it plays at least. You can listen to both songs Bankrutt på Squtt, and Ge fan i moppen, hej (128 kbps) to hear the result.

Kessler Jugend GmbH was from Uppsala (I guess) and had played together some years before this and the previous record Shoot’zem (On The Spot) / Vistrohajre (For A New Germany) came out. They made some gigs in the region but I don’t know much about the band. This record is far much better than the previous one. Sad that my copy is such a bad shape – will continue to look for a better one.

The sleeve comes in two pieces. The paper is thin. The labels are glued on the white labels from the pressing.


  1. Mikado

    Hey! Interesting read just found a copy myself. Any idea how much this record is worth in mint condition? Very hard to find any info? Thx in advance! Mikael

  2. Thomas

    In such a case I would recommend to use a so-called AIR TIGHT DISC FLATTER – looks like a big waffle iron and has the same principle (well, not exactly).
    Maybe there’s an enterprise in Sweden which offers this service.
    I did it with a few deformed rare Punk records here in Germany and I was surprised, how excellent the results were – so I can listen to all of them without skips now!

  3. the editor

    Will check it out…. the problem is that it got severe scratches

  4. Nej, vi var från Västerort. Bromma, Spånga, Hässelby och Jakan. Med vänlig hälsning, Kal Anal

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