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Looking for records on the large on-line site require some kind of filter. Today there are 3 million records for sale on ebay of which 20,000 is in the KBD category. Swedish Tradera has about 1,500 KBD records at the same and finish have about the same. Norweigian QXL is easier. 7 records this time quite typical for this site. I guess this tells you something about the Norweigan KBD scene. If you want everyting made from 1978 – 1982 we talk about 20 records (Sic!). Anyhow – I got these cheap from user Per07. The funny part was that I was really aiming for the first press of Kjøtt but the same guy selling me these records made a sniper-bid in the last minute and won that auction. I guess we are two persons in the entire world that keep and eye on Anyhow – the records where in super condition, maybe not the best Norwegian acts but worth listen to.

As a result I post now the following acts Blaupunkt, Pacific Ocean , Sterke Svakheter – all early 80’s 7 inch.

If you are more interested in mid 80’s Norwegian stuff you can check out the Norwegian Punk and Hardcore blog by Kjell A Sandvik in Trondheim, Norway.

July 5:th:th 2012 – 3 records bought on

Blaupunkt ‎– No Title

Torpedo Plater – 000 002/80 – 1980 – 7″

This is the first release by Blaupunkt from Oslo, Norway. They later made an Album and a single on Sonet. This is more New Wave frankly. There are three songs and Cupfinalen (128 kbps) is quite typical. If you are interested in the early Norwegian KBD scene there is a scene report in MRR issue 12 that is quite interesting.

Pacific Ocean – Hei Albert

Torpedo Plater – TORP 000006/81 – 1981 – 7″ EP

I know absolutely nothing about this band but I thought the sleeve looked very DIY. Before putting the record on the turntable I looked at the backside. These kids must be 12 years old. What the heck is this!!?. The A side is Pink Floyd cover. The two songs on the B-side – Purke-sniken (128 kbps) and Skoleslit seems to be their own creation. I don’t know what the titles means and I don’t really understand what they are singing but I picked up the word “Hate”. Good – they are apparently pissed off of something – always a good start for a future punk career.

Sterke Svakheter – Vi Er Som Andre Bare Litt Annerledes, Eller…Er De Andre Som Oss Bare Litt Annerledes

Den Onde Sirkel – DOS 1982001 – 1982- 7″

What about that title! This is frankly a little to dark (and slow) for me, sorry. This band had also something to do with Slips but I don’t know exactly how. The band is from a village north of Oslo Norway. They only existed for a couple of years.

There are four songs on this EP and I selected Hvem Er Jeg? (128 kbps) as it represent this EP in a good way. It means Who am I? I guess the band smoke a lot of cigarettes, drunk coffee and consulted Kafta as well.

The sleeve is a fold out sleeve, see pictures.

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  1. Jan arild Lund ( bentehaugen)

    Hello , my name is Jan arild. I played the bass gitar in the band
    ” Pacific Ocean ” in the early 80’s.
    We had a blast playing this record.. And we came in the news
    For bullying the town mare in Oslo 🙂 .
    We also played it in a TV show and the shit hit the fan!!!
    Hahaha.. Great times.

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