Varning för punk 2 (1983)

September 18:th 2012 – Early Swedish compilation by Nicke Boström

Varning för punk 2

Pack Produktion- WARNING 002- 1983

Face A

Face B

This tape was released by Pack Produktion, i.e. Nicke Boström. He released the fanzine / magazine ETT NOLL ETT (51 issues!!! – Sick) and is now running Delicious Goldfish Records.

On Swedish tape you will find N.O.S, Avskum, Mob 47, OI Division, Sötlimpa, E.A.T.E.R, Rattus, Disgrace, S.S.H, Asocial, 6-10 Redlös, Bristles, Svea Svin, Absurd, Fosgen and Destruktiva Liv

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  1. Tonyo

    last songs of each side are not complete but nice to find this great tape!

    • the editor

      I don’t have the tape but I believe it was recored like that!

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