Avskum -S/T (1982)

August 21:th 2013 – Värmland d-beat

Avskum – S/T

Not on label ‎– ‎- 1984 – Cassette

Face A MP3 320 kbps

New rips from Nakamichi CE-4E Dec 30 2014

Avskum introduced d-beat to Kristinehamn, Sweden. They were quite early too. This demo is from 1982. Punktjafs has been collected some material from the early years of the city. It has has partly been used for the article. One of the first bands were Skäms which made an awesome punk EP. That in combination with a Sex Pistols gig made the local scene to explode.

Stefan “Pyri” Tyresten from Adrian Cuba wanted to play “Råpunk” and a band was formed. Pyri on drums, Gunnar Larsson on vox, Håkan Tyresten on guitar and Fredrik “Nisse” Nilsson on bass. It has been sad that Håkan was supposed to sing but when Gunnar heard him we thought it was so bad that he decided to join the band. 1982 – The city was not ready for the band. In zines from the time (Morbid issue 1) we can read: “They played 8 songs in 15 minutes. They said they were inspired by Discharge, but Discharge is a bunch of pussies compared to Avskum”.. I believe Magnus Jansson tried to interview them for the zine “Silvias Ovänner issue 1” but just got strange statements like: Gunnar: My inspiration ended a year ago and since that I have not been able to write any songs. Pyri: We were supposed to play in Skövde … but I could just not do it. I had been wanking too much. I had to stay to the whole day to rest. I could not even get out of my bed as I had pain in my arm. You know – One cannot play with a damaged arm. But it was nice.

I believe they band was connected in some way to Slaskfittorna . I know that Stefan Carlén was singing in that band. Arabens Anus was also from Kristinehamn by the way.

There is an article in the local newspaper (Värmlands Folkblad) by Martin Olsson (published 2011-09-16 12:00) for more into on the Kristinehamn punk scene. It’s also said that Bengt Löfgren will make a documentary on the Kristinehamn punk scene.

The band used to have web-page www.avskum.com but that one does not seem to work anymore. 1984 they put out the self-released EP Crucified by the System where the misspelled Crusified. 500 copies, recorded at Rosa Studion. The band played up to 1988. The later due to: quote; the result of the search for a “new musical direction” was so horrible that we decided to give it all up. end quote. In 1995 they did their first re-union and is now larger than ever. Check out their Facebook page for tours records and other stuff.

Check the images below for song titles etc, just click on the images below to expand them to higher resolution. There are some quality issues with this tape, I guess from age and bad storage. Face AA is silent. It was later released on Prank records in 2009.




  1. avskumfan

    they also put this on a tape“greatest hits vol 001“with extra demos and a live b-side. tape is from about 1984 and came from hakan

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