Anti-Cimex and More – Compilation Tape (1982)

November 17:th 2012 – Rare early hardcore recordings

Anti-Cimex and More – Compilation Tape

Not on Label – – 1982? – Cassette

Face A MP3 320 kbps

Face B MP3 320 kbps

Updated with fresh rips October 11 2015

This Swedish tape makes me quite confused. The sleeve says Anti-Cimex – Anarkist Attack but it actually a compilation tape. The bands on the A-side are Kloak which was active between 1977 and 1978 in Mariestad and Avfall as well. There are very early recordings with Asta Kask on side A. The B-side continue with Asta Kask followed by Anti-Cimex, Advants (Stockholm) and finally Lobotomi which was a Mariestad / Skövde combo. I would really appreciate if someone could fill in the details about this tape. The audio quality on certain parts is quite bad but it’s according to my option an awesome tape.

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Front of inlay

Rear of inlay


  1. Magnus Nilsson

    Manga from Mariestad says WTF!!! are this still ok? I had to download and listen to it at once. =)

  2. Magnus Nilsson

    Now have i listen to it , It runs little to slow, I must se if i have any originals left in god condition , Bye , Manga drummer in Bombhot singer in Avafall etc.

  3. Masken

    I Think Jonsson told me that they all were too slow, and that’s why they didn’t spread them… Or was it you who told me Magnus? I know for sure that he think this is the worst Cimex tracks ever recorded 🙂 . We talked about this tape last week.

  4. Magnus Nilsson

    =) I have found my originals , sounds better than this =) =)

  5. the editor

    New rips available!!!!

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