Katalysator – Zombie Destruction (2005)

May 26th 2014 – The Shit!!!

Katalysator – Zombie Destruction

Not On Label- – 2005 – Cassette

Full 3 song demo MP3 320 kbps

Songs: Banished From Life / Zombie Destruction / Toxic Death

To celebrate the visit to Maryland Deathfest we are putting out a death metal demo. And a real killer as well. Katalysator from Uppsala, Sweden, made this in 2005 and the Mass Genocide Ritual demo the following year. They morphed later into Invidious. The two brothers; Gottfrid and Pelle Åhman; was later in the more famous In Solitude. I am happy to have both Katalystor demos, number 1 both copies of them. The second demo was later released on Zombie Ritual Tapes by the way.

If your are in a rush, fast forward the first 1 min and 20 seconds of the tape.

Click on the images to expand the higher resolution.


  1. Eric

    Where’s the Tatuerade Snutkukar tape?

    • the editor

      It seems like the link is incorrect. We have fixed it now. Here is the link

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