Tatuerade Snutkukar – Hardcore Trash ’83 (1983)

June 1st 2014 – Raw early Gothenburg hardcore

Tatuerade Snutkukar – Hardcore Trash ’83

Ägg tapes – ÄGG-009 – 1983 – Cassette

Face “Snut” MP3 320 kbps

Face “Kuk” MP3 320 kbps

Thanks Keja Hellman who has send me this tape for free with the statement: “this the best place for this tape”. Killer! He’s 100% right.

Image to the left: Tatuerade Snutkukar.

Gothenburg Sweden and the region just east of the city is the birth chamber of Swedish rå-punk. Early Gothenburg acts like Shitlickers, Anti-Cimex, Total Armsvett (Disarm), Nisses Nötter and Absurd all make recordings in 1982 or early 1983. There were a few other acts around Sweden, but no concentration as in Gothenburg. The soil had been already been seeded by the Gothenburg, there were places to play and older punks who knew how to put out records. And if you could not afford to make a record, a tape was an option. Luckily, the best tape label at the time was managed by Kent “Ägget” Berntsen (Ägg Tapes)

I never meet Ägget but he have a mighty catalogue of tapes / Ägg-1 Raped ass 1 – compilation / Ägg-2 AB Hjärntvätt – Det är våra hjärnor / Ägg-3 Raped ass 2 – compilation / Ägg-4 The Bristles – Ban the punkshops / Ägg-5 Moderat Likvidation – Anti fag music / Ägg-6 Snobbslakt – Anti Disco / Ägg-7 Postorder – Complete postorder / Ägg-8 Sötlimpa – On the street again / Ägg-9 Tatuerade Snutkukar – Hardcore trash 83 / Ägg-10 Stures Mjell – Mening med livet / Ägg-11 Total Armsvett – Deodorant räcker inte / Ägg-12 Svenska Spelmanslag / Ägg-13 Nisses Nötter – Knäckta nötter / Ägg-14 Äggröra – Compilation / Ägg-15 Mob 47 -Sjuk värld / Ägg-16 Riistetyt – RaisKattu Tulevaisuus / Ägg-17 Junk yard – ST / Ägg-18 Stures mjell – IKEA

The label continued on CD’s in the 90’s. Ägget was part of the first (1982) line up of Tatuerade Snutkukar aka TA.S.K. The direct translation would be Tattooed copsdicks. It got to be one of the best punk names at the time, only in competition with the mightily Rövsvett. It’s said that Ägget started playing bass and that a young Ebbot (more famous for Union Carbide Productions) was an aspiring guitar player but could not manage the instrument so Ägget switched to guitar while Ebbot took the base. The bass position was also held by Raimo of Sötlimpa for a short time. After a few line-up changes they became a solid band around 1983 with Sören Alexandersson on vox, Ägget on guitar, Hans Pettersson on guitar and Jens Pettersson on drums. I believe however that Jonsson of Anti-Cimex at some point played with Tatuerade Snutkukar. It said that the band was quite democratic except on one point: Ägget decided how it should sound – lound and dirty with a lot of distortion. At his time they were 15 – 16 years old.

Image to the left: Tatuerade Snutkukar – live.

So what to expect about this tape? Well is Swedish råpunk as good as it can be. Don’t expect excessive musical skills but for sure energy and attitude. Some have heard that Anti-Cimex out of Gothenburg had some chaotic gigs but it seems like they could not match Tatuerade Snutkukar. Apparently the owner of the club “Ny Scen” shut of the power when they played on their second gig. They finalized their carrier by being thrown of stage after 5 minutes on their re-union in 1996. Sound like fun.

What I find interesting is that Ägget seems to navigate between the punk culture and the “raggare” culture. Raggare is a Swedish phenomenon, USA hillbillies might be the closest. He used to own a 60’s Cadillac back in the days. It’s said he was challenged by the “raggare” on which camp the supportored and as a reply he [censored – anyone who knows the story, please leave a reply]. The most recent time I saw Ägget was on national TV last week in a show where four people invite each other for dinner and after voting a victor is set. Ägget’s menu was quite good but after the voting he pulled down his pants and flashed his rear parts. Honestly – I am unsure if that is from the punk part of his past for from the “raggare” part. Whatever – it’s high five for Ägget.

Click on the images to expand the higher resolution. About the sides. Snut means cop and kuk means dick.


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  1. mark

    another version exists- the live b-side tracks are replaced by studio demo stuff

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    is FLAC available?

    • the editor

      Sorry, we are removing the flac files as they take up too much space and that botleggers use the audiofiles and images to make counterfeits

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