Total Armsvett – S/T (1983)

March 21:st 2013 – A really rare Tape

Total Armsvett – S/T

Really Fast Cassette ‎– RFC-27 – 1983 – Cassette

Face A MP3 192 kbps

Face B MP3 192 kbps

Face A / Face B

It took me a while to translate Total Armsvett . The closest translation would be Total Sweaty Armpit. Let’s agree it’s someting that smell really bad. The band later became known as the hardcore band Disarm from Gothenburg, Sweden.

On this tape you are to expect a true hardcore “Lärm”, type old school. Total Armsvett also released a tape on Ägg Tapes & Records. This relesae seems to exist in two sleeve version. One called Blodbad ’83 (Bloodbath ’83) and another called Deoderant Räcker Inte Till (Deoderant is not enough). I have only seen the first one and it comes with an insert. It seems also to exist a copy with a similar sleeve as the Blodbad ’83 with a different track list. This tape seems to be a Total Armsvett self-release. The cassette is marked with Total Armsvett-001. I would be glad if anyone could provide more info on this release and the Deoderant release. In this post you will see the super-rare Really Fast (Records) release. It was only made some 30 copies. This tape is more or less in mint condition.

Most Total Armsvett tracks (16 of them) can also be found on a compilation bootleg that also have Disorder and Disaccord on it

Click on the images to expand the higher resolution to see track-list etc. I asked Patrik at Really Fast Records and he is unsure if this tape was released early 1984 or late 1983.


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