Ett Ackord – Ger Ingen Nåd (1984)

November 24th 2013 – Northen Stockholm punk

Ett Ackord – Ger Ingen Nåd

Not On Label ‎– ‎– 1984 – Cassette

Side 1 / Side 2 MP3 192 kbps

Face A / Face B

This punk band never made it to vinyl but one song (Ja jag, jag är) made it to the Varning för punk compilation. A few songs in English appeared on Peter Andersson’s compilation tape “Tapes With Danger”. I don’t know much more than that the are from Upplands Väsby and played in the Stockholm region in the mid and late 80’s. Anyone who can fill it the details, did they make more demos – and from which year is this one?

A few days after posting this I got the following e-mail: Hello, I am Jukka from Ett Ackord. The band was from as you write in Upplands Väsby. The members were Jani Westman (Guitar), Kjell Westman (Drums) and me Jukka Ylikangas (Bass and Vox). After a while Jari ‘Barret’ Ahola was added on guitar. I am not sure when this tape was recorded but a good guess is 1984. We record songs that could fit in on another tape on a 4-track reeel. The master tape is since long gone. The other recording you mentioned was some year later and at that time Jari had left and we had Thomas Eriksson on second guitar. The band ended as a trio when Jani also left. As you have already figured out there are demos on of the later stuff. That’s all I can remember. Take care Jukka

Check the images below for song titles etc, just click on the images below to expand them to higher resolution.


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  1. Jukka

    I can say this…I played bass and sung in this gang, So if you want the details, just contact me.

    [e-mail address removed]


  2. J-Boy

    Thomas Eriksson died in cancer the 30 aug 2012. R.I.P

  3. kjelle

    Ja där ser man. Spelade trummor då.
    tjena jukka å alla andra

  4. Ryan

    Would you mind re-uploading this one by chance?!

    • the editor

      We have a failure with the Swedish letters å, ä and ö. This will be sorted out but I am out of energy right now

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