Unleashed – The Utter Dark (1990)

November 10th 2013 – One of Stockholm suburbs finest

Unleashed ‎– The Utter Dark

Not On Label ‎– ‎– 1990 – Cassette

3 song demo MP3 320 kbps

FLAC not available

The last year of the 80’s and the early 90’s was an interesting period for those who like brutal music. There were still a lot of hardcore bands around but the scene had not yet revitalized with bands like Refused. Some few Swedish bands tried to play thrash metal but in my option, few or none, did it good. If you wanted brutal stuff you had to trust power-violence or lean back to UK acts like Heresy and Napalm Death. With regards of Heresy it was a dude in Stockholm who imported shit-loads of their first flexi and you could find it everyone. Thru this flexi I learned about the label Earache and made sure I got my hand on every LP as they got released.

Living in a small Swedish shithole there was no point distinguishing the ones who liked hardcore and the one who liked extreme metal. We were not more than a handful of each kind anyhow. The metal kids were into bands like Sodom and Kreator but the German thrash never got my attention. I remember going to some early shows seeing Swedish trash bands like Hexenhaus, but I thought they sucked. At that time the only good “metal” band was Bathory, simply because the faster the better.

Eventually a few kids in the suburbs of Stockholm started to play extreme metal which caught my attention. A few early demos circulated (I never got them at the time) but when Merciless (Strängnäs however, not Stockholm) put the out Awakening LP shit hit the fan (interesting it was the first release on Norwegian black metal label Deathlike Silence Productions “DSP”). From that I got most of the Swedish extreme metal record. Eventually the promiscuous bands in Stockholm starting with Nihilist and Morbid (I never heard about Morbid when they were active) started to put of killer demos and eventually the Death Metal scene in Stockholm exploded. My favorite bands at the time was obviously Entombed followed by Unleashed and Dismember. It was a few years of musical orgasm until the addition of second rate bands watered down the scene. At this time (1993 – 1994) I was fully occupied with Norwegian Black Metal. A passion that lasted for another 5 years. Simply because – fastest band wins!!!

Anyhow – this is the first demo for Unleashed. It’s f***ing awesome. And with the promiscuity: The bass player Johnny Hedlund was in Nihilist (pre-Entombed). The vocalist (also guitar) Robert Sennebäck is awesome. He left the band for Dismember as Unleashed put out their debut album Where no life dwells. Both this lead guitarist Fredrik Lindgren and drummer Anders Schultz continued with making Unleashed records.

I bought a few death metal demos some years after they were released. Of some reason I tossed most of them some 15 years ago. Stupid, so I’m trying to get the good ones back into my collection

Song titles: The Dark One / Ancient Dead / Violent Ecstasy – Enjoy!!

Check the images below for song titles etc, just click on the images below to expand them to higher resolution. This release came with white or black generic tapes.


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