Desperate Brains – Demo ’86 (1986)

March 16:th 2013 – Unknown tape and band

Desperate Brains – Demo ’86

Not On Label ‎– – 1986? – Cassette

MP3 Rip – MP3 320 kbps

Claimed to be a Swedish HC band. Some believe TB of Asocial was in this band and claimed to be a 1986 recording. That all!! If you know anything – please leave a message below.

Tracks: Stop the Slaughter / A Fucking Fairytale / Reject The System / Why Don’t You… Fuck Off! / The Bomb / Feed The Hungry.

This is a copied tape owned by Luc Akerbeltz. Rips by Remii Daazet. The image of the tape is a generic image, not the actual tape.


  1. Sompa

    Yeah he was,he also played the Bass,this was the seed of what to become Hatred,but at that time TB was Replaced by Tomas Andersson(Asocial,Svart Parad). // Swim Hard! // Sonny

  2. the editor

    I got this message from Kenneth Wiklund :
    Desperate Brains was a project with me on guitar and Tommy Tb Berggren played bass and did the vocals. The drummer is Sonny Svedlund. This is the only recording we did, we never did any gigs. But i can’t understand were you got this demo from. I don’t know if i have this kassett anymore. Great to hear it again!!!

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