Joon Erektion – Notice To Skinheads (1983)

November 2 2014 – Awesome proto-hardcore

Joon Erektion – Notice To Skinheads

Not On Label ‎– Tape 1 – 1983 – Cassette

Full Demo MP3 320 kbps

Songs: Ingen Bot, Massaker, National Service, Våld, Brända Lik, Knulla I Bangkok, Bohman Brinner

Most people have figured out that it does not live much people in Sweden, some 8 – 9 million all in all. This tiny population is spread out on a large area. In Europe, only France and Spain is larger (in size). If UK would have the population density of Sweden, the island would hold 4 million people, tops. Looking at a map the geographical middle of Sweden would be Sundsvall, 400 km North of Stockholm.

Okay, so what does this geography lesson got to do with punk? Well the thing is that the Northern parts of Sweden have few inhabitants and even fewer punk bands. Joon Erektion came from Luleå far up in the North. It should be noticed that for punks in Stockholm choosing between a gig in Hamburg, Germany or Luleå Sweden, the driving distance is more or less the same.

Nevertheless there was a punk scene up there and it makes sense. Luleå is a heavy industry city dominated by crude steel production and the silhouette of the blast furnace is visible from the city. Hopefully a seedy soil for great punk. Joon Erektion played some kind of proto-hardcore. They also appeared on the Varning För Punk compilation. This comp was issued by Nicke “Pack” Boström. He’s the man behind the Pack-fanzine and the long standing EttNollEtt zine an put out +50 issues of it. Joon Erektion started with some 15 – 16 years old kids who decided to form a band. The most well-known person is possible Mattias Alkberg (more known from The Bear Quartet) on drums. On bass was Urban Nordh who was in Bear Quartet as well.

I have been looking for this tape for a while. It’s said that is was not really issued with a sleeve, the band never decided on the final design. I have seen another version in circulation.

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The Cassette and inlay


  1. Martin

    This is a really great tape, the mix between fast and aggressive playing, youthful naivity and melody! As a Swede not too fond of our early native hc scene I’d say this is among the best and these guys should’ve made it big!

  2. mark

    i think nationalservice is a speeded up version of the eratics song from bullshit detector1

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