Swedish Punk – Compilation (1985)

January 15:th 2013 – Swedish compilation sampler

Swedish Punk – Compilation Tape

No Label – – 1985

Face A MP3 128 kbps

Face B MP3 128 kbps

Face A / ♬ Face B

Another of these cool DIY tapes. This time by a Tony Sundstrand in Sala in Sweden. Some stuff are from EP’s but there are also some stuff that was never cut on vinyl and also a couple of bands I never seen on any tape. It might a logic reason for that!

With Lingonsylters, Snobbslakt, Panikbazill, Union Flags, Hjärndöd, Bristles, the Past, Asta Kask, Brülboyz, Anti-hund Mina, R.T.S, Mob 47, AB Hjärntvätt, Ingron Hutlös, S.O.D, Anti-Cimex, Charta 77, the Beliers, Joon Erektion, Crudity, Junk Yark, Asocial, T.O.T and Moderat Likvidation .


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