Raped Teenagers – Warchild (1984)

May 7 2014 – One of Sweden’s finest act

Raped Teenagers – Warchild

Raped Records ‎– 01 – 1984 – Cassette

Side A MP3 320 kbps

Side B “Live” MP3 320 kbps

Swedish hardcore is famous for their “Råpunk” band, D-beat style in the vein of the mighty Anti-Cimex. However, there were a few one with a quite different sound: fast like hell but no so heavy. The best by far was Linköping’s Raped Teenagers.

Their first EP “Jag gillar träd. Jag gillar naturen som den är is a masterpiece. On this 1984-demo their sound is not as mature and tight as earlier released. This tape seems to be quite rare, I been told that the band only made 20 or 30 copies of it. Side A is the “studio” recording and side B is live. They were also a four piece act with Biffen on vocals (ex Destroy). As they made the EP, the guitarist, Packe did the singing, Sveden on drums. Glada plays the bass but was later replaced by Ola from Kurt i Kuvös. Enjoy!

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