Raped Teenagers – Jag gillar blommor. Jag gillar träd. Jag gillar naturen som den är. (1986)

June 24:th 2013 – Light years from D-beat

Raped Teenagers – Jag gillar blommor. Jag gillar träd. Jag gillar naturen som den är.

Not On Label ‎– RAPED-001 ‎– 1986 – 7″

Raped Teenagers from Linköping in Sweden was quite an unusual bird in the country where everyone seems to have D-beat (Råpunk in Swedish) in their blood. On the early hardcore scene there where in my opinion three bands that had a unique sound (outside d-beat): Huvudtvätt (influenced by US hardcore), Missbrukarna (well … Rolf Revolt…) and later Raped Teenagers. Claimed to be influenced by US bands like Koro, Die Kreuzen and DRI Raped Teenagers started out as a Råpunkband back in 1983. Initially they had Biffen on vocals and Glada on bass. On the early setting they made the demo War Child on with it was obvious that the guitar sound of “Packe” and the stop and go drumming of “Sveden” was aimed for something larger and more unique. Eventually they band turned into a trio as Packe managed both the guitar and the vocals and Ola from Kurt i kuvös joined on bass.

The trio released this 7″ in 1986 (1,500 copies) and it was very different from anything that came from the hardcore scene at this time – fast, less distortion and with quite interesting lyrics. I loved it. The name of the EP translates into “I like flowers. I like trees. I like nature as it is”. I bought it back in 1986 and would not post it unless that I some month ago realized it should come with a sticker so I had to get a third copy – therefore this post. I play it still on occasions. The band made three studio LP’s: Kalas Puffar in 1987, I kräftans klor in 1988 (it’s one of my favorite Swedish hardcore records) and finally Klok in early 90’s before calling it a day in 1992

Raped Teenagers did a lot of shows including a European tour and a classic show at Hultfredsfestivalen in 1988 (one of the few times I tried to stay sober of a show). I also saw them playing together with Timrå’s pride, Krunch, in a small club in Northern Sweden. Both times it was excellent shows. They were as tight live as on the records.

Sveden, which seems to have a thing for D-beat, also played with Löken of Rövsvett in Horse Laugh in the late 80’s. Both Sveden and Packe have played in shitloads of bands, most recently in Pusrad which is a title of one of the songs from this EP.

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps). See images below for song titles.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. The record (not pictured) is a white label.

Front and rear sleeve

Lyric insert

Credit insert

Sticker, distro flyer and pamphlet


  1. Patrick

    Huvudtvatt were the first Swedish band influenced by Discharge who put out a record anyway,but yea they also were cranking the Teen Idles just as much ,the pre-kang core Discharge-influenced bands -Huvudtvatt,Missbrukarna,and Absurd, soo awesome

    • the editor

      Right – should have mentioned Absurd!

  2. Patrick

    Krunch were on another trip as well wouldn’t you say?

  3. the editor

    Okey – You will most likley find a few more….Raped played together with Krunch by the way. Me, the editor, actually promoted that show…

  4. Patrick

    this rip is so crisp! I want to spin a Krunch 12″ now ! Theone with the penis with wings is close by haha

  5. the editor

    That sleeve has it own story. In the City of Sundsvall just south of Timrå (were Krunch was from) they had a porn shop (with jerk-off one-man room – the kind you put coins in I believe (never been inside one of those) which had a penis with wings as logo. It was called “Vuxen-video” which translates into adult-video. Know you know were Krunch got the inspiration for that sleeve. I bought a lot of T-shirts at that place because it pissed people off was I was wearing them. Still got 3 of them left 20 years later…(and I am not a supporter of porn, but comedy)

  6. anonymous

    I think that shop still exist, at least it did a few years ago!

  7. anonymous

    I have this record – it’s good.

  8. M

    Top 5 swedish hc singles. Not a bad song.

  9. Peter

    Too bad we never got the sound we wanted on this one.

    • the editor

      Okey – Is that a feeling that you had already back in 1986 or more someting that you have reflected on over the years…??

  10. the editor

    Sveden that played drums in Raped Teenagers responded. It was what I felt right after release. The demo we did before the EP had a great sound but the playing wasn’t that good. About the sound again. We wanted to have the Boston HC sound ala FU’s.

  11. I like alternative DIY music (noisy, metal or melodic). I love Disarm, Dom Dar, Anti Cimex and Svart Parade. But I think Krunch and Raped Teenagers made a desirable and good difference in swedish scene – where many (noisy) bands really sounded something seemed. And R Teenagers still got to make melodic sound (Klok) without to fall in obviousness – with their known creativity, velocitiy and positive energy

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