Pusrad – Just brilliant

July 31:th 2012 – Both black and clear vinyl

Pusrad – Akta Dig

Kenrock Records – SWEKEN 10 – 2012 – 7″ Single Sided

Pusrad have taken minimalism hardcore into absurdum – brilliant!!! Akta Dig is the second EP from Pusrad, the first one being Smarttrams also issued in 2012. The bands name is taken from a song in a band where both members started out. I guess they are feed-up with the comparisons so I leave that band name out. Here you will get 5 songs in 78 seconds on a 45 rpm single sided 7 inch record. My advice is to buy it before it’s sold out. 150 copies was made in black vinyl and 150 copies were made in transparent vinyl. As the collector-scum I am I had to buy both versions.

The two members, Peter “Sveden” Swedenhammar and Patrick “Packe” Sjösten” are sure inspired by early 80’s HC band like DRI. Here we have 5 songs in 78 seconds – all in blasting speed and limited breathing space for the vocalist. To summarize it – just amazing. You can check out the bands web-page where you also can find links how to order this release. Here is 12 second teaser Dömd (128 kbps).

It cost me 12 bucks with freight to order both version of this record. It is worth the money? Well – it’s a 78 second killer EP but calculated into a full 60 minutes CD it would make the CD cost 600 dollars!!! I would buy that CD.

The following picture is from the black vinyl. The front picture sleeve is silk screen printed and comes and a fold out sleeve.

The clear vinyl has a glued pocket sleeve with the rear sleeve as a separate paper.

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