Massacre – Tuho EP – Aaargh!!!

August 1:st 2012 – Too slow and too few inserts

Massacre ‎– Tuho-Ep

Tuho Records – TUHO-004 – 1984 – 7″

Tuho-EP is Massacres debut 6 song EP on their own label. Good true DIY. I did not remember how they sounded when I bought the EP so I took a chance – 1980’s finish HC is normally good. Frankly – it’s just to slow and to screamy for me. What also piss me off is that this release should have two inserts, printed on both sides. Mine has one insert – aargh!! Details like this piss me off as a collector! No more writing – here is a tune: Luuletsä Olevas Vapaa? (128 kbps) for if you like this mid speed stuff/HC.

Aargh !!!! – Missing insert!!!

I did not bother to make any scans, sorry – aargh!!!

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