Vomit Visions ‎– Too Late

July 30:th 2012 – German Low-Fi

Vomit Visions ‎– Too Late

Vomit Visions Records – VV 020 – 1981 – 7″

The kings of German Low-Fi. Eric Hysteric and Dieter Krist was well-known in German punk underground. They started out in the early 70’s with several attempt to start a punk band but where mainly involved in the fanzine scene. Thru this they acquired a lot of punk and hardcore records. Anyhow – Vomit Visions was created with Hans Würst on bass and their most famous EP Punks Are The Old Farts Of Today. As a group they where quite theatrical. Anyhow – this is their second EP on their own labels. It seems it have some sleeve variations. A couple of songs also ended up on the Shove It Up Your Ass EP which also have a bunch of sleeve version, among some pornographic. This EP has 3 song and Too Late (128 kbps) is the first song.

For the record – Vomit Vision is also in the list for one of the worst cover songs ever – check it out on Shit-Fi.

This is a white label release so the record is not pictured. The dust sleeve is stapled to the sleeve. Large center hole

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