Chatterbox – Forgotten Heroes

July 29:th 2012 – Charlie !!! What happened to You ???

Chatterbox – Forgotten Heroes / The Visitor

Adventure Records – ADVSP 100 – 1980 – 7″

This is a great single. Don’t miss listening to the tracks below! Chatterbox got very good reviews and much was expected from them. The Swedish journalist Mats Olsson named them as the new super group. This band based in Stockholm opened for the Clash in Gothenburg. The band set-up was basically members from Berlin and the guitarist Hockey from Pain.

I really like this single with vocalist Charlie Green – What happened to you???. Chatterbox made another single called the End the same year but that was also “the end” of this super group. Charlie had left the band and the sound was more new wave.

Both tunes are here available to listen to: Forgotten Heroes and The Visitor (both 128 kbps).

There is a good post on Killed By Death Records about this 7″ that might interest you!

The record is VG+ so there are some surface noice present, sorry!!!

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  1. Mark

    Great band..thanks for sharing.

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