Lögnhalsmottagningen ‎– Fina Nyanser I Nya Finanser EP

July 28:th 2012 – Great and refreshing

Lögnhalsmottagningen ‎– Fina Nyanser I Nya Finanser EP

Local Cross Records – LOCAL-04 – 2010- 7″

I ran into this hardcore band some time ago when I bought their first EP Öron Näsa from 2008 and I was blown away. The four song Fina Nyanser I Nya Finanser EP is their second EP. Lögnhalsmottagningen have two members, Martin Cannert who sings and write the lyrics and Stewart Anderson (more famous for Boyracer) who write the music and play all instruments. The sound is very rehearsal studio and quite primitive but cool. This EP is really good but I prefer the their first release. The song Nya Lögnhalsar (128 kbps) is from this EP and Snacka Går Ju and Va e Poängen (both 128 kbps) from the Öron, Nästa EP is for you to compare. In 2012 they released their third EP Gomorra Sverige which you can order from KenRock Records and I hope for a fourth EP soon. The sound is very, very refreshing and unique in an environment where are the crust bands more or less sound the same and few defend the more stylish HC. Thanks Lögnhalsmottagningen for releasing these EP’s!!!

The thumbnail picture of the insert is cropped, please click on it to see the whole thing. I did not scan the sleeves and labels as there was great scans to download from the labels web-page. The insert is my scan though.


  1. Martin

    Thanks for the thumbs up, a new one is on the way

  2. the editor

    That’s cool – can’t wait to post it. I tring to find that mysterious EP that Steven made 50 copies of (for a San Fransisco record fair or something).

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