Discolokosst – S/T (2007)

June 29:th 2013 – A bunch of brutal types

Discolokosst – S/T

Not On Label ‎– ‎– 2007 – 12″

The first songs I heard with this Geneva (Switzerland) band Discolokosst were ♬ Rock Ist Rock / Pas Assez Pété (MP3 320 kbps, and have patience with the 45 sec intro) – recorded live at the Palladium 1981. It ended up on a compilation from Heroic Records. It blew me away. Monotone, angry and scary at the same time. If there had been a physical play button on YouTube I would possible have worn it out so many times I have played it there. However, due to my poor French I had no real idea about what they were singing, so I hoped that Discolokosst did not have a racist theme. Furthermore, as I knew really nothing about the this band, formed in 1979, I had to check with the editor of Good Bad Music, who “quote”: They were awesome, often claimed to be Nazis but that’s not true, but they were for sure brutal types “end quote”.

With regards of influences it was a comment on a blog stating: Philippe was always a big Ramones guy, Plastique (whatever his real name was – the synth player) was a big fan of Suicide and Alan Vega, but mainly they were in awe of the UK Subs, so much so that when they supported the UK Subs in Geneva in late 1981 they thought they’d died and gone to heaven. I told them in no uncertain terms that they had in fact blown the UK SUbs off the stage but they didn’t believe me. Oh well.. According Punk Not Profit the band disbanded as the singer moved over to the Columbian Army.

This LP was released at late as 2007. The band put out two live songs (above) on one compilation and two other songs on the Genève soif compilation (Geneva bands around 1985). The other songs, all recorded in 1980 or 1981 (unsure) at Studio THC but was never released until now.

I got this record from Klein Und Kleid which have a lot of Swiss punk releases. The only disappointment with it is that there is no insert with info of the band. I learned that there is a book on Swiss punk called HOT LOVE Swiss Punk and New Wave 76-80. Got to get that one, hope it is in English or German as my French sucks! You got the chance to hear two songs in this post, if you want more; do as I did – order your copy from Klein und Kleid.

I have been told the band name have something to do with DISCO LOW COST, can that be for real?

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve


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  1. hb

    the name is more likely a mix of disco and holocaust.
    “les babas”, which appeared on a french 7″ compilation called collection privee, is the definite anti hippie anthem!

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