Sarah Coffmann – Retro (1980)

July 11:th 2013 – Örebro punk pioneers

Sarah Coffmann – Retro

Konkurens Rekårdz ‎– 001 – 1980 – 7″

Sarah Coffman, around 1980.

Okay, this is the first record we post that is on obscure record-collector-guru Johan Kugelberg’s top 100 list. Apparently he considered that this 3 song 7″ inch, pressed in 400 copies, deseves to be on place 58.

Sweden – Örebro – 1978 – punk had not rooted in this 80,000 inhabitant city despite shows performed by Iggy Pop, Stranglers and the Clash the same year. According to Farbror punk at punktipset the Swedish “raggare” was throwing rocks at Iggy. It was when Ebba Grön made a visit in the summer of 1979 a punk scene started to see light. Örebro’s most famous band, Lolita Pop, started at that time.

Flyer from the Konkurenz Gala.

Some local bands started to rehearse and out of that initial disorder bands like Alternativa Idioter and Sarah Coffmann started to perform live at what was called Konkurenz Gala. This was also part of raising money to a new label Konkurenz Rekårdz. As with the first wave punks, the punk-rules was not written yet so having an oboe in the band was quite okay. The band had Ann-Charlotte Warg behind the microphone but she left the band disappointed with the 7″. Daniel Engström (guitar, later vox) and Anders Ohlsson (drums) was also behind the label Konkurens Rekårdz. It the same label that release the Svenska Tonårsgrupper Vol. 3 compilation, a release where the bands chipped in 200 Swedish krona for some records in exchange. Sarah Coffman recorded the song “Fri Energi” for that compilation. Apparently there is a 5:th song recorded, named “Opop” and there is a live version of Retro available on their myspace page.

Svenska Tonårsgrupper, Vol 3 – compilation.

The record label for this release can be a little confusing as the label on record state LOBB and another catalogue code. Also in interviews the band memebers refer to this label. I have no understanding why the labels have LOBB printed. It circulate copies with a Konkurenz sticker on the original labels.

Sources: Punktjafs and Ny Våg – Svensk Punk / New Wave / Synth 1977-1982 by Peter Kagerland.

Kugelberg put this on his all time list – we got to to keep in mind that he was originally from Örebro

Songs: (MP3 320 kbps) ♬ Retro / ♬ Titta Jag är död / ♬ Destroy

…and yeah, it’s Robert De Niro from Deer Hunter on the front sleeve

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve



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  1. the editor

    Got some interesting info from the facebook comments. Anders Olsson (the drummer of the band replyed on the label issue
    “The guy who recorded the single told us he was gonna help us getting it pressed, but he ignored that we wanted it on our own label. We were in shock when the single arrived so we printed out address stickers with “Konkurens Rekårdz” to put on the label. So LOBB and Antep was the studio guys idea… Yes, it’a an official Konkurens release!”
    He also provided live footage from the re-union: Here’s two Sarah Coffmann songs from a reunion gig last year for the local rock club “Rockmagasinet”
    And finally “Johan Kugelberg was a few years younger than us and looked up to the “dangerous” punks in Örebro. He came from Kumla, a small town 30 minutes drive from Örebro. Thats probably why we made it on his list”

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