The Eu’s Arse ‎– Lo Stato Ha Bisogno Di Te? Bene, Fottilo (1982)

July 18:th 2013 – Italian hardcore burner

Eu’s Arse, The – Lo Stato Ha Bisogno Di Te? Bene, Fottilo.

Nuova Fahrenheit ‎– N.F. 01 – 1982 – 7″

Northen Italy, early 80’s. A good place to be if you like hardcore. With bands like Wretched and Indigesti i the Milan area, Declino out of Turin and Underage from Napels – all bands with the characteristic Italian hardcore sound. EU’s arse was from Udine or San Pietro (not sure) close to the current Slovenian border. Apparently the city only had on other punk band: Toxical. And EU’s arse – considering all the banking bails outs – I guess the name is as valid now as back then.

Image to the right: EU’s arse long-standing bass player “Killy”.

They started out and the “band leader” was bass player Killy “Fart” Gianluca. I can’t track all the line-up changes. This record came in 1982 and MaximumRocknRoll though is was a blend of tight and repeating riffs combined with vocalist in rage and madness. Not bad for a bunch of seventeen years old kids, in by punk book – a killer. The title means something like – the state needs you, well Fottilo. I guess Fottilo means something bad. A split with Impact followed in 1983.

The band never got much recognition outside Italy, the influence was obviously British (Discharge) and the songs very much Anti-military (as least the little I can understand from it). I would love to know more about the band but I don’t know much more than this. This record was pressed in 600 – 1,000 copies (depending on source) by the way. The label is a local fanzine by the way. The broke up around 1984 but re-united in the mid 2000.

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps). Songs: Eu’s Arse / Ribelle / Lui Decide / Attacco / Non Sarò Colpevole / Schiavi E Padroni / Combattili

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. The lyric insert is one piece of paper, printed on both sides.

Front and rear sleeve




  1. Hey, nice website! The title means “Does the state need you? Well, fuck it”. So yeah, you’re guess was right ahahah! Great band, still need this!

  2. the editor

    On the official Eu’s Arse site founding member Gianluca (aka Killy) says: “Abbiamo stampato mille copie, mi sono incollato tutte le copertine”. Translation: “We pressed one thousand copies, i glued all the covers myself”….

  3. leo

    yeah, “fottilo” means “fuck it” : ) the band was actually from Udine, San Pietro al Natisone (still in the Udine province, but closer to the Slovenian/ex-Jugoslavian border) was the small town/village where Pancrazio (= nuova fahrenheit) used to live back then. There where more bands from Udine back then but no or un-trackable recordings exist.

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