D.T.A.L ‎– A Beautiful Day (1985)

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D.T.A.L ‎– A Beautiful Day

Not On Label ‎– DTAL 002 – 1985 – 7″

D.T.A.L from Southern Sweden made an acronym of their name Dr Tjock and Atomligan (Dr. Fat and the Atomic gang). The four punks started in 1983 in Landskrona, which is the same city that the Bristles originate from. The initial line was with Fredde on vox, Måe Malmsten on guitar, Nelle Wåhlin on drums and finally Jerry “Snutte” Kronqvist on bass. Nelle moved to vocals and Mats “Lankan” Landsten became the new drummer.

The gang first recorded the Time To Die EP in 1984. It’s a good hardcore EP but their best EP is in my option this EP: A Beautiful Day which came the year after. A lot of punks have heard the first one but as the later one was pressed in such a few numbers (300 copies) it’s a little bit more uncommon. Only Måe and Nelle is credited.

After this EP the band changed a lot of members and at least 3 demos was recorded. It was planned to make an LP on Chickenbrain Records but for unknown reasons that never materialized.

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps). Songs: No More Government / Horror / No Way To Survive

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve

Fold out sleeve



  1. the editor

    … and for the sake of order. Lankan drummed in the Bristles on their two first EP’s. Nelle was also in Bristles in an early version. Landskrona is a small city.

  2. nicklas

    Fredde was also singer in Bristles D.C
    After Bristles broke up , Svegis wanted to continue the band but since he was only original member he added D.C (Da Capo) which means start over.
    Many years later Svegis and Måe formed The Negatives.

    Yes, Landskrona is a small city and to make it even smaller , Ray that plays drums in the restarted Bristles also once was a part of DTAL’s many members.

  3. the editor

    Okey, then we understand what D.C means.

  4. slap

    …and bassplayer “Snutte” formed the thrashcore-act HYSTE’RIAH a few years later. After joining forces with GOD.B.C creating HYSTE’RIAH G.B.C, Ray was in on vocals for the LP/CD “Snakeworld”.

  5. judge Fred

    ok but you forgott to be a punk! sons of bitches! pathetic!! ha ha ha
    but i fucking miss u all my old friends your old pal judge Fred

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