Exhumed – Obscurity (1990)

January 3rd 2014 – Raw and brutal

Exhumed – Obscurity

Not On Label- – 1990 – Cassette

Full tape (mp3 192 kbps)

Songs: Obscure Desolation / Satanic Verses / What Life Has Brought

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I find it quite interesting to compare the “brutal music in Stockholm in 1980 and in 1990. In 1980 the most brutal band was possible KSMB’s 7″ “Tidens Tempo”. The hardcore scene quickly emerged with bands like Mob 47 which bombed the scene with two tapes an EP in 1984. It was all very underground and the early Stockholm hardcore scene was limited to few bands. The same year the titan Bathory cut their debut LP, a die cast of black metal. The first 4 LP’s are in my book all awesome releases. Death metal was not invented in Stockholm but for sure the kids in the suburbs refined and mastered it. a few tapes came in 1987 and in 1990 the scene was flooded. A few great years before it quickly got watered down in the early 90’s.

To my knowledge – these maniacs only released one demo. As with most bands it’s recorded in Studio Sunlight. Even grindcore bands like Aresdestroyer choose to record there. I can’t keep track on the who-is-who in the Stockholm scene. The vocalist David Brink, the bass-player Johan Bergebäck and guitarist Sebastian Ramstedt morphed into Morpheus. I think Johan played in Nifelheim for a while also. Anyhow – this tape shred – brutal stuff.

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Inlay and Tape

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