Nifelheim – S/T (1995)

August 4:th 2013 – Top-notch old school black metal

Nifelheim – S/T

Necropolis Records ‎– NR 007 – 1995- LP

Nifelheim or “the abode of mist”, is according to Norse mythology, the realm of cold and ice which ice with in the myths developed into kingdom of death – hell. This is where those who didn’t die on the battlefield end up.

That’s a good name for an old school black metal band (e.g prior the Norwegian black metal bands). Formed by the Swedish twin brothers, Gustavsson, back in 1990, this is their first album originally released on CD in 1994. The brothers (artist name Tyrant and Hellbutcher) have to current date put out 4 LP’s. On this record Demon is drumming.

Regular readers know that I hardly make any reviews and this record would honestly not be posted unless I just acquired a second copy in a nice near mint condition. That possible means I like it. If you like early black metal bands like Vulcano and Sarcofago (both from Brazil). Apparently they are fans of Hungarian Tormentor, to such an extent Tamás Buday is currently playing with Nifelheim

The band have made very few interviews and did not originally tour. The reason for not making interviews is partly (I presume) that some people derided them when they appeared on national TV as “the hard rock brothers”. I see them as passionate in what they do. Passionate people should always be respected (unless they are nazis or christians of course). Most people however – seems to have problems with anything outside the norm. I hope they brothers puts evil spells on such people.

And with regard of record collection, is said that these brothers got one of the sickest metal collection on the planet.

Here is a teaser, for more songs, get the record yourself: ♬ Satanic Sacrifice (MP3 320 kbps).

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve

Inner sleeve


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