Mob 47 – Sjuk Värld (1984)

March 10:th 2013 – A killer tape

Mob 47 – Sjuk Värld

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Below recodings done on my Pioneer CT-W300 cassette deck

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Below recodings done on my Nakamichi BX-300-E cassette deck

Face A MP3 320 kbps

Face B MP3 320 kbps

Face A / Face B

You can not talk about the early Swedish hardcore scene without mentioning Mob 47 from Stockholm. As a band they fully represented everything we Swedes mean when we use the word Mangel. Fast, raw and tight hardcore. Mangel refers to something that is under pressure. I guess the closest English word wold be “grind”. As a band they influenced a lot of other hardcore bands to participate in the play faster championship!

Image to the left: Young Åke with his guitar.

The band has it’s gravity around Åke Henrikson (guitar), Christer “Chrille” Lindholm (drums) and Jörgen “Jögge” Östgård (bas / vocals). They first formed Speedy Snakes (1981) which transformed into Censur as they got inspired by the UK hardcore scene with bands like the Varukers and Discharge. In 1983 Mentis was added to the band. He managed the microphone and in late 1983 the tape Hardcore attack was releases. It’s contains 11 raging high-speed songs setting the trademark of Mob 47. This tape is also the most wanted tape among Swedish tapes. It’s said to be pressed in 100 copies so to find a good one with a booklet is really hard.

In the spring of 1984 Mob 47 released their EP (just called EP) but this time without Mentis. Some of the songs was also found on the Really Fast Vol.1 compilation. This record was first pressed in 466 copies which had a small “sticker” and later in 1,200 copies. Here is no way to tell the difference of the first and second press expect for the sticker.

After that, this tape (Sjuk Värld – Sick World) was released on Ägg and Tape records. The recording was made in the Bowlingstudio using a 4 channel porta equipment. Åke is a great bowler and the band had the studio in a bowling alley owned by his parents. You are to expect raw hardcore in maximum speed.

The band is also behind the compilation tape Stockholms Mangel that was released in 1985. Later the band dissolved playing it’s last gig with Anti-Cimex and Disarm. In 2005, however, the four original members from 1983 started to play again and despite a line up change, Mob 47 is still going strong. Åke has also been active in several other bands like Protes Bengt, Discard and currently Desperat. The later is actually the most played vinyl in my house at this time.

To put it mild – I love this tape – I don’t have my jacket with the Mob 47 patch anymore but I will consider adding a pad on my current jacket. Mob 47 was a huge influence for the bands that wanted to play fast. They also learned us that it quite hard to play fast and to sound good at the same time. Few bands could do this as tight as Mob 47. For for stuff on Mob 47 check out the Shit-Fi pages.

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