Kloak Mix 2 – Compilation (1984)

December 22nd 2013 – Blah, mostly post-punk

Kloak Mix 2 – Compilation tape

SPUNK – 006 – 1984? – Cassette

Face A (mp3 320 kbps)

Face B (mp3 320 kbps)

With Bullshot Babies, Geggamoya, Galler and Kronstadt.

Not available

It’s evident that the Swedish dudes Löken and Rebellen not only released hardcore tapes, apparently some punk and even post-punk was part of the repertoire. On this tape I can accept Galler. As it’s part of the compilation series – here is the rips and images. If you want hardcore compilations on Kloak Mix check out Mix 1 and Mix 3.

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Fold out, front/b>

Fold out, rear

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