Otakt – Demo (1986)

December 7th 2013 – The first demo

Otakt – Demo

L-B Tapes ‎– 04 ‎– 1986 – Cassette

Side 1 / Side 2 MP3 192 kbps

Face A / Face B

This is to my understanding the first demo of two by this Älvsjö (Stockholm, Sweden) hardcore act. The gang made an EP called “En Alternativ Livsstil” in 1987. This tape is on L-B Tapes by Max Thornell who had a fanzine with the same name. He also put out a bunch of compilation tapes.

Check the images below for song titles etc, just click on the images below to expand them to higher resolution.


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  1. Hi! First of all thank you for this amazing site! As I like old sweden hardcore I’ve downloaded just all tapes and records from here. Many of them are only available from here, so much rare stuff) Same for sweden old school death metal. Carnage – Infestation Of Evil (1989) is like find a treasure just going by street! Thank you for all that moments!

    Speaking about Otakt it’s a band which may be I even don’t listen often but fall in immediate love after hearing how they sounded on Tapes With Danger Vol 1 rip I have. Dirty tape sound with one chanel being off for one third of track. It sounds great in it’s imperfection.
    I have known from Otakt drummer Jocke that there was another demo.
    Do you have any info about it?

    Also I’ve listened to all compilations with them which are mentioned on their discogs page except “Levande Å’ Dött Från Lilla Marquee”. So if you have one please upload it sometime please! If no I am definitely buy it later but not now, there are too much stuff with higher priority and lower price wait on my list)

    Keep it up and cheers, Nick!

    • the editor

      Hello, I have not got the second tape, have not really looked for it either. It’s a little too melodic to me.
      With regards for the Carange Demo – Infestation Of Evil, I actual sold it to find a copy with better sound. Some of them sound like shit. One dude had a copy with only one channel. Of course I regret selling it already as it so god damn difficult to find an orignal tape. I will post the tape at some time. I believe Otakt had one song. I need to find it first as the current copy I got does not play, seems to be a problem with many tapes I got.

      Cool you like the site, here we don’t do the site for anyone, we just do it for us self as we are collector-scums and most other sites don’t talk so much about the exact pressing or as for tape post detailed pictures of the tapes.

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