Various – Eskiltuna Punk (1983 – 1995)

August 31 2014 – Eskiltuna compilation

Various – E-tuna Punk

Not On Label – – N/A – Cassette

Side 1 MP3 192 kbps

Side 2 MP3 192 kbps

I bought a bag of tapes from a guy in Eskiltuna. Among all the tapes there was, what I guess, a home-made tapes with demos from Eskiltuna, Sweden. The guy wanted a dub so I decided to rip the tape at the same time. It’s really great stuff

First out is WC with two demos both from 1983. The first one &#9836 Demo ’83 (MP3 192 kbps) got a distortion on channel 1. Sad as the third song “Ett kring är slut” was not on their 7″. However, both “Papperhjältar” and Polis, Polis was on the 7″. I guess also we are happy tha the fourth song “I am going home” was never cut into vinyl. The &#9836 Second demo (MP3 192 kbps) was recorded on October 6th 1983 and contains 3 great songs: Bomb, A and 1984.

The A-side continues with more demos; &#9836 Two songs (MP3 192 kbps) of SS Dase and &#9836 Thee songs (MP3 192 kbps) by Rune Läpp, both great bands.

On side B we find two demos, first the 9 song demo (MP3 192 kbps) by Yngve Ramsné recorded January 25-26 1988 followed by a 6 song demo (MP3 192 kbps) by Abnorm Ångest recorded August 17th 1995. All great stuff – Enjoy!

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Inlay and Cassette


  1. Martin

    The 2 songs by SS Dase (Övergina tårar & Racing) are the same recordings as on the Minx 7″, so I guess the band changed their name between the recording of these 2 tracks and the 7″ release.
    I posted the Minx 7″ here;

    • the editor

      Right, thanks, never heard the Minx 7″!

  2. Martin

    Are you sure? Just did a check on discogs for it, and you contributed:)!
    It shouldn’t be that rare, but it never shows up for sale. Think I’ve seen 2 copies the last 10 years or so. Pretty odd as it’s supposed to be pressed 1000 copies.

  3. the editor

    I just listened to it, it was a loooong time ago I did so… and I have more or less forgott about the record…..

  4. Stefan Wolter

    Nice to hear our songs again soooooo sweet (Y) Little Wolter the drummer and quierboy 😉

  5. Stefan Wolter

    Forgot to tell……drummer in Rune Läpp 😉

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