Svart Parad ‎– Hur Fan Kan Man Tolerera Grymheter Som Slakthus (1985)

May 2nd 2014 – Awesome tape, great sound too.

Svart Parad ‎– Hur Fan Kan Man Tolera Grymheter Som Slakthus

Not on Label – – 1984 – Cassette

Side A / Side A (mp3 320 kbps)

FLAC files not available

Anyhow – Those that have followed this site know that we like Svart Parad. This is the third demo, not easy to find a legit copy. I got this tape through Fredrik Brickman who played in Bedrövlers. As he lived in Fagersta (Sweden) he had ties to Svart Parad who were from Hedemora which is quite close. Apparently he got it from Jössel in Hedemora. As he moved from Fagersta to Borlänge he was also the guitarist and singer in Ogräs, a band that put out an E.P in 1988 followed by and LP. Anyhow, it’s an awesome tape. It has been stored well over the years so the sound quality is excellent (for a tape).

I am not 100% sure if this tape is from 1984 or 1985. Apparently it was recorded the same time as the demo “En Dåres Dikt”.By the way – this demo translate into “How the hell can one tolerate cruelty like slaughter houses”

Songs side A : Slakthus / Krossa Porren – Side 2 : Krigets Herrar / Jag Tycker Synd Om Er.

This release is on black studio tapes and a xerox sleeve – click on the images to expand the higher resolution.

Fold-out and tape


  1. Lucas

    Wow, i want this monstruosity. How do i download?

    • the editor

      There are links (side a / b)

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