Avskum – Live At Blitz (1985)

March 16:th 2013 – Live tape

Avskum – Live At Blitz

Hardcore Tapes ‎– 004 – 1985 – Cassette

Face Ø MP3 192 kbps

Face UV MP3 192 kbps

Face Ø / Face UV

This is the third? release by the Kristinehamn (Sweden) D-beat band Avskum. Before this they made a demo and an EP. Among the members you will find Stefan Carlén who also was in Arabens Anus and Skäms.

This is a low-fi recording at the Blitz house in Oslo, Norway. Recording April 6:th 1985. For true fans only!!! Here are some strange noise in the beginning of the tape. The live recording starts after 30 seconds. But I record it exactly as the tape is.

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Click on the images to expand the higher resolution to see track-list etc. The release is numbered on the rear side on the sleeve.


  1. Tomas

    Best band Carlén were in was Slaskfittorna. Pure brilliance!

  2. Facebook comment

    promising song titles

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