Kafka Prosess / Disorder – Split (1986)

January 2:nd 2013 – Top notch Norwegian HC

Kafka Prosess / Disorder – One Day Son All This Will Be Yourz

Disorder Records – AARGH 3 – 1986 – LP

This article is all about Kafka Prosess – sorry Disorder!!!

You can’t really talk about Kafka Prosess, aka Kafka Process (Oslo, Norway) without mentioning two other punk pheromones: Svart Framtid and the Blitz house (Blitz huset), pictured left.

I believe any movement need some center of gravity and in the case of the Oslo hardcore scene the Blitz house was for sure such a thing. First it was a squatted house at the harbor, south of the railway station, but later after an agreement with the city they moved to Pilestredet and paid a symbolic rent. At this location the Blitz movement was centered, an autonomous radical left oriented group. Despite having an agreement with the city, there have been several challenges with the city including the police storming the house on occasions. One story is that (on May 1:st 1984) Svart Framtid played “Snute­terror” (translation – police terror) as the police entered the house by force. I might be a story to good to be true.

Kafka Process was formed out of Svart Framtid (translation Black Future) as the band busted in December 1984. From Svart Framtid came Gunnar Nuven (vox) and Nils Aune (first guitar, then bass), who also had played in Betong Hysteria, and finally Fridtjof Benneche (guitar). A couple of other Svart Framtid members formed Stengte Dører but that another story. With an additional guitarist, Stian Løken and the drummer Thomas Fosseide the band was ready to impress the international hardcore community. As a band their toured Europe a lot, partly thanks to the contacts that Gunnar had from Svart Framtid. However – this time by car and not using interrail cards as before.

When talking about which is the best Norwegian hardcore release I got three records to choose between; this one, the Svart Framtid EP and the Bannlyst EP. It’s a hard pick, but I choose Svart Framtid first and this one second. This record is a split with Disorder on Disorder’s own label. The linkage is that Disorder actually temporary re-allocated to Norway (of some reason). Kafka Process also managed to make a UK tour with Disorder and I believe with Subhumans also. Kafka Prosess is also found on the compilation records Tsjernobilly Boogie and Nå Eller Aldri!, among others. For a full discography including tapes – check the NoPunkHC site. The record comes in a large poster sleeves so it was hard to make good pictures, sorry.

As the band broke up in 1987 Gunnar Nuven continued with So Much Hate . For those of you that did not know – he is also together with Ote Kippersund behind the X-port Plater label – guilty of shitload of interesting Norwegian punk releases.

The first song I ever heard with Kafka Process was ♬ Jag Vill Icke Ha (MP3 320 kbps) – translation “I don’t wanna have” – at some party ages ago, and it still blows me away, 25 years later. If you like that song you got to check out the whole ♬ Kafka Process side (MP3 192 kbps) – Awesome stuff

End notes: I would just love to post the Svart Framtid EP, but I got the second press already – got to find the first one just to post it. Go NO/HC !!!

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.


  1. Mel

    I bought that when it came out, still love it.

  2. Ote was one of two behind the “Ingenting for norge” compilation lp

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