TBC – Musik I Plast (1978)

January 6:th 2013 – Early Swedish KBD stuff

TBC – Musik i plast

Mjälthugg Records – TA 1 – 1978 – 7″

TCB was one of these early bands hard to categorize. I beleive that you need to understand the Swedish lyrics to fully appreciate this record. The members have been playing for a while and the blues-rock sound on a couple of songs indicate they had a foot in the progg-movement. For the non-Swedes, that not progressive, rather a music movement born out of the radical lefties of the 68-generation. The later was not very succesful – their biggest achievement was that they occupied a student building – not an impressive achievement considering that they own it from the beginning. Expect of that there was a lot talking and eating lentils and drinking red wine (and some demonstrations I guess). I also beleive they saved a tree or two in central Stockholm that was planned to be cut down for the subway. They were specially annoying for the early punks as they also acted as self-appointed culture police, by so determining what is good and bad culture.

The progg-influences is for sure heard on the last song “Lögn, Lögn”, translation “Lies, Lies”. It could frankly be a 1974 Nationalteatern song. What makes this record somewhat punk is the second song: “Lill-Babs (Världens Tråkigaste Kvinna)”, translation – Lill-Babs (the world’s most boring woman). Lill-Babs was (is) this vocal artist that the tabloids love to write about. There are those in the collector community that also like the first song “Musik I Plast”, translation – “Music In Plastic. The band was from Umeå up-north in Sweden. The sleeve can be found in various colours. The vinyl is yellow. They made a second EP as well in 1981? which I don’t know anything about.

♬ Full EP Musik i Plast / Lill-Babs / Lögn, Lögn (MP3 320 kbps)

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record. The paper of the sleeve is very thin.


  1. Martin

    The sleeves are all in the same colour originally, the crappy paper quality just changes over time. I’ve posted both over at kbdrecords.com

  2. Mats

    That’s correct. It is only one sleeve colour. One of the members had connection to the local newpaper and the sleeve was printed on this kind of paper…

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