Mizz Nobody ‎– Smittad / Ganja (1978)

January 1:st 2012 – A short lived project

Mizz Nobody ‎– Smittad / Ganja

Not On Label – DO 69 – 1985- LP

Swedish Mizz Noboy was project by Eva Brusquini who got gang togother to make this record. I have no idea if they ever played live. Recorded in the classical punk studio Bombadill (in Klippan were also Kriminella Gitarrer made their record). What I understand is that the sleeve has a syringe which is covered with a magic marker. Sleeves with the syringe visual are very rare.

I don’t know what happened to Eva but to my knowledge she did not record anything after this

This a record that have spent some time in my listen room. It’s from a swedish collection being parted out. It’s a little soft – good for a hung over day like January first

Songs : &#9836 Smittad and &#9836 Ganja (MP3 320 kbps).

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.


  1. Patric

    What a psyched-out swirly guitar ,trippy punk

    • the editor

      Girls You know – a little artsy
      Not on guitar – but in command
      And the song “smittad” translated infected is about gonherrhea, What about that for a 2013 start

  2. Eva Brusquini Hentzel

    Can´t help feeling sorry for myself because of this “sadangryhappy” trash-faked object ( the first edition of my own ) , too, and also some of later following creations. Deep in heart and soul, I was a quite good girl. Should have been more thankful for all love I got from nearest people
    around me, and pleased. My advice: Some doors meeting up at your wandering/seeking way can be lot of lifetime wasted, if you open them!
    I am still in very good time, and joy singing!

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