The Squirt – Men And Their Masters (1985)

December 27:th 2012 – Forgotten, great Swiss hardcore

The Squirt ‎– Men And Their Masters

Weird System – WS014 – 1985 – 12″

It is hard to find any information of the Zürich (Switzerland) based the Squirt as browsing on squirt will link you to some quite perverted sex-site. None of I can recommend but “Count Zurich” has some really disgusting videos out there.

I have had this record on black vinyl but did to my surprise find a copy on yellow vinyl so I had to buy that one too. It seems that the German label Wierd System used to make a limited edition of their releases. These copies are numbered. On the back cover I can see that there are three members in the band. Marc Previteli and Ueli Klee on guitars and Gertjan Wiggers on bass. But no drummer? On the credits Ueli Klee also plays Chnebel – a word I can’t link to any language. It got to be some Zürich word for drums.

It’s a good damn record and it is sad that the Squirt seems more or less anonymous these days. For the review of the record I will handle it over to Dogtowne in Maximum Rocknroll #31, December 1985:

This gang from Switzerland has done a damn good job at fooling me with their neat 1980-’82 Los Angeles punk sound. All the songs are sung in English and, believe it or not, there’s a bit of bands like DEAD BOYS, DETOX, BIG BOYS, and early TSOL. Really cool.

There are 14 tracks on this record and here are three of them: &#9836 Barb Wire / &#9836 Stop It Baby / &#9836 Last Cha (MP3 320 kbps) – Enjoy!

September 16th 2013: The Demos with the Squirt was just posted on

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.


  1. erich

    Awesome, awesome LP. Wish I had allowed myself to admit it back then already, but for some reason, a lot of people seemed to rather dislike SQUIRT. Originally released on cassette, by the way.

    • the editor

      Oh – it was a tape first. It’s great. I will put out the whole on FLAC until there is a reissue release.

  2. Awesome! Never heard Squirt before just experienced it. Want.

    • the editor

      A record you have not heard. First time I beat You. Get it for 8 bucks on discogs

  3. Thomas

    They were not from Zürich, the capital of Switzerland, but from Luzern/Lucerne, south of Zürich at the Vierwaldstätter lake.
    Same city as the Punk band Crazy, who put out an album and a 12″ep and there is a cd, which contains tracks from these records, but not all, but has a few unreleased demo tracks, too. Anyway, Crazy split up in 1981/1982 and they transformed into NDT, who put out a much sought after album in 1982, a live album in 1983 and a 7″ in 1984, before they disbanded.
    The Squirt were not quite popular in Switzerland back then, because the ‘scene’ was in decline and it was not ‘cool’ anymore to like Swiss bands in Switzerland in the 80’s, in opposite to the late 70’s.
    There were a bunch of cool Swiss bands in the mid 80’s like Hungry for What with their Clash-style melodic Punk stuff, Chin-Chin or The Squirt, but nearly all of them are totally forgotten now.

  4. Haem

    Great band from my home country, but hardly ever known.
    BTW: “chnebel” is used as a colloquial term for (drum-)stick.

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