Bannlyst – Angor Wat – Split (1984)

October 10:th 2012 – Early recordings

Bannlyst – Angor Wat

Knall Tapes – KT 03/84 – 1984

Face A Angor Wat

Face B Bannlyst

Both files MP3 128 kbps

Two Norwegian hardcore acts on one tape. Bannlyst (translation excommunicated) was from Molde and released their first demo in 1983 (it’s in the posting queue). To my knowledge this is their second demo. In 1985 they made an EP, which is great. For a full discography please check out the nopunkhc by Kjelli.

Angor Wat was from Trondheim and made at least one gig with Wannskrækk. They played a more innovate doom hardcore. I just got the General Strike LP that also will be posted. I believe that they made demo before this but don’t have it.

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