Hymans, The – S/T (1989)

January 5th 2014 – Swedish Ramopunk

Hymans, The – S/T

Hymans – HYM 002 – 1989 – Cassette

Full tape (mp3 320 kbps)

Songs: You and I belong / She’s so lonely / No Chance / Love is hurting / No Love / You made love / Endless / Let me in

FLAC files available on request

As the self-claimed “The 1-2-3-4! Embassadors of Sweden” this band is cultivating the Ramopunk Up-North. Finland had a stronger scene of Ramopunk bands (from the term origin). However, the Swedish The Hymans got the blessing of Dee-Dee Ramone; at one point he said that the band was so good that they could write songs for the real New York band.

The dudes started out in 1984, testing names like Black September and Nagasaki Pirates in the shithole of Smedjebacken in Sweden. This area of old heavy industry cities seems to create a lot of great rock bands. It also an area of Sweden where the consumption of coffee mixed with vodka (kaffekask) and the consumption of the Swedish wet snuff tobacco is high (only challanged by Norrland). As the band changed the name of The Hymans after “Jeff “Joey Ramone” Hyman they chose the symbol the wet snuff brand “Ettan” for their logotype. Add the names of the classic Hymans line-up; Micke (aka Gobbe aka Inavel), Matte, Kempa and Bempa (aka Brämpa) and you understand the logic.

This tape is not their first release, I think there is one earlier official tape. From the song titles you can think they were longing for love. The gang put out a three of CD’s in the 90’s (Hymanity / Hymiliation / The Chairman Of The Bored) and cut a bunch of records around 2000. I have been lucky to see the band a few´times including a show with Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna. The Hymans are cool dudes and are still going strong, they even got a nice-looking web-site.

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Inlay and Tape

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