Banta 1 – Swedish Compilation (198?)

February 21:th 2013 – Swedish mid 80’s sampler

Banta 1 – Compilation

Not On Label – – 198?

Face A MP3 128 kbps

Face B MP3 128 kbps

Face A / Face B

Possible a private release (from Sweden). No label appear on the sleeve or cassette. From the mid 80’s.

With Asocial (Hedemora), Bad Boys (Halmstad), Kramp (Stockholm), Sinnesfrid (Hultsfred), Vicious Uniforms (Halmstad), Charta-77 (Köping), the Assholes (Unknown city), Tre Små Barn (Kvillsfors), SusAnna (Unknown city) and G-anx (Huskvarna).

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  1. Osmani

    Great site! I always loved this compilation. It’s worth to mention from 23:25min the band is Rövsvett and the songs are: Nazzesvin; Varldskrig III; Jehovas Vittnen

  2. Johnny Cäss

    …as I know, it was Atti of Disaccord that released that one along with a fanzine.

  3. Johnny Cäss

    As for as I know, it was Atti from Disaccord that released this cassette along with a fanzine containing one page for each band.

    Anyway, fucking great cassette.

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