Nyx Negativ – S/T (1983)

March 18:th 2013 – An excellent tape

Nyx Negativ – S/T

Not On Label ‎– – 1983 – Cassette

Face A MP3 192 kbps

Face B MP3 192 kbps

Face A / Face B

The whole band – looking punk as f**k.

Nyx Negativ was active between 1980 to 1986 in the city of Karlshamn in Southen Sweden. As I have written in other post, the city has quite a lot of punk bands and club called Rockslaget. The band started to listen to bands like Sex Pistols and Sham 69 but got inspired by the first generation of Swedish hardcore bands or Råpunk as it was called here in Sweden. Nyx Negativ called themselves Rå-ös punk. This tape got all I like with Swedish Rå-punk.

The guitarist Manfred “Maffe” Dornhäuser played in Brigad 45 but I don’t know the background of the others. Björn “Nalle” Svensson did the singing, Patrik “Putte” Johansson managed the drums. I am not sure about who played bass . I beleive they had two different ones.

To my knowledge they made two releases, this tape, which seems to exist in at least two sleeve versions. It should come with a small booklet as well. In 1986 they put out their second release; the EP No Moral which is not as good as this tape, in my opinion. Of all the compilations they appeared, Vägra För Helvete on Rosa Honung is possible the one that got the most widespread distribution. They were active doing at lot of shows as well.

Main source is a fanzine interview in Skvaller issue 1. Click on the images to expand the higher resolution to see track-list etc.


  1. Patte Oldschool

    Two of the songs are found on V/A Really Fast Vol. 2 LP, which also had quite good distribution.

  2. the editor

    Ups – missed that….

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