No Security – Live & Demo (1987)

August 20 2015 – One of Sweden finest

No Security – Live & Demo

Not On Label ‎– – 1998 – Cassette

Side Live MP3 320 kbps

Side Demo MP3 320 kbps

Among the late 80s band in Sweden (Svart Snö, Raped Teenagers, Rövsvett and Totalitär) No Security was one of the finest. Part of the Swedish hardcore slowly drifted to “trall” but No Security for sure was in the Kängpunk camp. The band was formed in Eskiltuna in late 1985 and hit their first demo in 1986. This tapes contains the first demo from 1987 (aka Demo 2) and a live recording from Club Dolores on December 28th in Eskiltuna. The demo recording is basically the same songs as the live set.

The impressive discography is probably known for fans of Swedish hardcore but to my knowledge there are 4 demos (one from 1986, two from 1987 and one from 1990) and two live recordings (Ultrahuset 1985 and Club Dolores 1986). 1987 was a busy year for the band as it included a tour with Svart Snö to Finland as well. These recordings have Harri Mänty on vocals (later indie pop act Kent), Jari “Jallo” Letho on drums (later Disfear, Totalitär, Flesh Revels, Krigshot, I.R.D and Kvoteringen to mention a few), Robert “Finn-Robban” Eriksson on bass and Tommy “Smebbe” Smedberg on guitar. Worth mentioning is that Jallo and a dude called Finnen was also behind the notorious zine Sika Äpärä and the label / distro Finn records.

So what to expect of this demo? Well And for those understanding Swedish, the live side is awesome including the talk between the songs. Hopefully this is an attempt to give even further credit to one of my fave Swedish hardcore acts.

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Inlay and the tape


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    Robert “Snakko” Eriksson (or Finn-Robban), not “Finnen”.
    Finnen was an other guy, running Finn-records and Sika Äpärä with Jallo

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