Bizex-B 1981 Demo

August 30:th 2012 – Rare 1981 demo prior the two LP releases

Bizex-B – Äntligen … Bizex-B

Rebel Tapes- 001 – 1981

Face A : Diamond star / Skjut en Vakt / Staden ligger tyst / Johnny is a rebel.

Face B : Belsen was a Gas / Roller Skate Beauty / Att åka karusell / En vår kväll i tiden.

Face A Face B

This is the first demo by Bisex-B and it was made in 40 copies. Most songs ended up on their first LP. The band was from Gävle in Sweden. They are great!

2012-12-25 Correction 150 copies of this tape was made according to the band

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  1. Åke Idol

    So you found old demo. Just so you know Bizex-B is around with same members in 1981 and we are interested in gigs

    • the editor

      Thatä’s cool. 30 + years in the punk business. I will ask people to make a comment here and I will forward your e-mail adress to them. I’m not disclosing it publically. Anyhow – you demo has been here for 24 hours and you got 100 people openng the page. That’s more than the tapes you copied.

  2. Nice to see this posted! I used to have a copy of a copy of this. Both LPs are great too.

  3. the editor

    Happy you liked it. Now you can hear it without the copy of a copy. I have had many tapes like that – copy of copy of a copy etc…..

  4. Våldtäkt I Vinyl

    Bizex-B will play on December 26:th in Gävle

  5. I am Zluggo Pop, the frontmand and lead vocalist of Bizex-B. The tape was actually released in 150 copies.

    • the editor

      Okey – thanks. It is a great tape. I beleive the 40 came from someone in Gävle. But you should know. Thanx

  6. LARZ GUSTAFSSON a k a Zluggo Pop

    Like Elton Motello once wrote in an e-mail message to me: “What can I say…I was there.”

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