Los Bohemos – S/T (1988)

December 25 2014 – Gävle punk legends

Los Bohemos – S/T

Screaming Mess ‎– – 1988 – Cassette

Full album MP3 320 kbps

This is the band that possible saved the local punk scene in Gävle (Sweden) in the late 80s. There was of course Dross and Ashram as well. At the time I though they were way too much punk and too little hardcore, but the guys made awesome shows. An EP was put out in 1987 on SLAM records (yes, the dudes behind SLAM) and this cassette album was released in 1988. Two of the guys (Mikael, drums and Gummi, guitar) was also part of the hardcore legend WAX which put out a killer demo as early as 1983. Perre played the second guitar and Lumpan played bass. Of some reason Gummi is not credited on this tape (only for some solos) which confuses me a little. In the 90s they guys put out more vinyl but at that time I was focused on the metal and did not keep track on the band. I guess they must have done shitload of shows. They also made several tours in Europe. Tomorrow they will play in their home city Gävle, I would not consider it a re-union. This as I hate reunions and refuse to go to such events.

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Inlay and the tape

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