WAX – Punk och Kärlek – Demo (1983)

September 1:st 2012 – Awesome demo

WAX – Punk Och Kärlek

– – 1983

Demo – raw recording

Demo with digital noise reduction

I demand that the master tapes are found and that this demo is released on vinyl!!!

I used to have this demo but it got lost as I moved. I’m not sure if this cassette is a copy as I remembered it differently. However – it’s here now and I am glad. This Swedish band was formed in 1982 and the three boys playing the instruments was only 14 years old. The female singer Eva Fasth was 3 years older and made a hell of a work behind the microphone. It took the guys some more years to figure out growling as the death metal genre surfaced. All songs was written in 1982 and the demo was recorded in January 1983. It has that raw attitude when kids are angry and just want to play. Hardcore never benefit from too much contemplation – it should come from directly from the guts. It starts with couple of slow songs but gets better and better. I had cut it into songs as some songs now sits on my MP3-player. The best one is for sure &#9836 Anti-disko. I don’t know what happend with Eva but Gummi and Fjuben ended up in Los Bohemos


The whole demo is recorded on one side of the tape, the other side is blank. Click on the images to expand the higher resolution.


  1. Can you plz send me rip of this tape ??? great stuff !!!! 😀

    • the editor

      You can down load the files if you want. Click on the B-button on the mouse when You hover the link

  2. Hey thanks for that “Click on the B-button on the mouse when You hover the link” info, I had no idea you could do that

  3. Vinyl is on the way. Working on getting the best sounding rip.
    Mastertapes are long gone unfortunately.

  4. Peter Kvist

    Halloj! It would be super cool to see this in vinyl. Vinyl was my dream when i was a teenager. Lacking of better words of were the originals has gone: Fucking Jävla helvete i Satans jävla arsle”!!!!!! Men jag ska göra mitt bästa för att få fram något! Ok?

    • the editor

      Please find the master tape. I am prepared to release it on vinyl since is that’s fucking great

  5. Smutsrekardsmats

    Peter Kvist, Är du Peter som spelade gitarr? Jag har varit i kontakt med Eva angående att släppa och jag förmodade att hon pratat med er(resten av bandet). Hon visste inget om någon mastertape. Kontakta gärna mig på Haglund.mats@gmail.com.

  6. Smutsrekardsmats

    Editor. Is there some way of getting in touch with you? I´ve got my hands on an unreleased studio recording of Seg Deg made for swedish radio 1981.

    • the editor

      I am very interested. Mail me at ilexworld at gmail punkt com

  7. Martin Hällgren

    Jag skulle behöva texten till “Fint och fult”. Tänkte göra ett försök till cover.

    • the editor

      Jag vet inte vem som skulle kunna ha den!


    Jag skrev texten till låten “Punken är inte död”.

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