Really Fast – Kass 2 – Compilation

September 6:th 2012 – 9 band Swedish Compilation

Really Fast – Kass 2

Really Fast Cassette – RFC 17- – 198?

Face A and Face B

Bands : P-Nissarna, Han i fröet, Mob 47, Terror Pop, Bristles, AB Hjärntvätt, Kalas Boys, Asocial, SSG = Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna.

Finally a tape with good sound quality (as a tape). 9 awesome punk and hardcore acts – Enjoy!!!

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  1. CJ

    The Mob 47 tracks are interesting. Compare them with the same songs on the “Hardcore Attack” tape and you will notice that this is a different, possibly earlier, recording not included on “Ultimate Attack”.
    I have read about a rumored tape possibly called “Hardcore Cassette” from ’83 containing five tracks (referenced by God himself in an interview in Normal Man #4 and by Kawakami in the “Ultimate Attack” booklet). Now I just realized that “Kass 2” includes not five, but six tracks by the heroes of Täby so I guess that reflection fails. That “Hardcore Cassette” thing might just be a title mix-up with “Hardcore Attack”, who knows? Cool versions here nonetheless. Thanks for the noise!

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