Really Fast – Kass 1 Compilation

September 5:th 2012 – Another compilation

Really Fast – Kass 1

Really Fast Cassette – RFC 14- – 198?

Face A

Face B

Bands : Why War?, Hidden Industrials and Asocial

The Swedish label Really Fast was formed by Patrik Jonsson, Staffan Fagerberg and Peter Pinaitis. From 1981 / 1982 an onwards they released about 20 tapes on Really Fast Cassette. In 1983 they made the classic Really Fast vol 1 compilation. To this date 10 compilation vinyl has been released. Today Patrik and Staffan is heading this more or less non-profit label. For the Swedish hardcore scene is hard to exaggerate the importance of Really Fast.

On this tape you will find Why War? on which I don’t have any info. Hidden Indstustrials was from Stenungsund and had one leg in punk and the other in hardcore. With a female vocalist as well (Mia Lagerström I beleive). Really good but the recording is shit. I need to find a better tape or a demo. They are awesome.. You got to hear the song Ögon. And finally Asocial from Hedemora. For Swedish HC fans they need to introduction but they are found on a lot compilations tapes and they put out a lot of vinyl and made a lot of shows.

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  1. Staffan

    Jättebra kass1! Fint omslag också.

  2. Fredrik

    Great Stuff you share!! do you have Anti-Avans demo!! i have wanted to hear it for many years!!”

  3. the editor

    The Anit-Avans demo is in the posting queue and should be up in a couple of weeks

  4. Martin

    Awesome, I’ve never heard the Anti-Avans demo, but I really like their 7″

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