Vertex, The – The Last Sessions (1987)

December 30 2014 – The last sessions

Vertex – The Last Sessions

Not On Label ‎– – 1987 – Cassette

Full tape MP3 320 kbps

This might be one of the oddest posts on the site. Psychedelic pop! There is a reason. In the small “city” of Ockelbo a Lars Lang was active. Funny enough he started as the drummer for the punk band Lars Langs but quit prior to the release of their one and only EP: Lars Langs Greatest Hit (1979). Lars Langs moved on with the neo-mods band the Vertex together with Mikael Borg from Lars Langs. The Vertex put out two 45s but the band fell apart around 1984 / 1985. Lars and Mikael continued with this studio project, recorded in 1985 and mixed in 1987. The reason I put out this is that I several times been asked to sell this tape but since I liked the mods version of the Vertex, I have kept it. The B-side is the A-side in reverse.

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Inlay and the tape

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