Disaccord – Don’t Ask Me Why (1985)

August 11:th 2013 – Disaccord’s second demo

Disaccord – Don’t Ask Me Why

Hardcore Tapes ‎– 003 ‎- 1985 – Cassette

Face A MP3 192 kbps

Face B MP3 192 kbps

Face A / Face B

This is the second demo by Disaccord from Kvillsfors (Sweden). This is exactly how a demo should sound like. Total bloody mayhem.

Apparently the band send the wrong recording to print and it does exist a version with better sound. The band played around Sweden and made at least one gig in Norway. They played at shows with bands like Avskum, Rövsvett, Dom Där, Raped Teenagers, G-anx, Asocial and Snobbslakt.

The band was formed in 1983 by the “Novak brothers” (Ralph/Smooth Ray) out of the ashes of “Vicious Uniforms”, both bands located in Halmstad. DISACCORD later moved to the Småland region. During the years of the band existence 1983 – 1989 several members went in and out of the group, but the “Novak brothers” always remained in the band through the years. In this tape the complete line-up is Atti (guitar), Popple (vox), Snäp (bass) and Raffe (drums).

It’s sad the band never cut vinyl. By the way this tape is numbered, this is copy 110, stamped on the back off the inlay.

Check the images below for song titles etc, just click on the images below to expand them to higher resolution.

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