HUD – Ner (1993)

March 8th 2014 – Mayhem from the Swedish forests

HUD – Ner

Not on Label – – 1993? – Cassette

Side A / Side B (mp3 320 kbps)

FLAC files not available

It was a time computers stated to regulary be part to music. In the Swedish university cities was some real anal preteteous thing with dudes dressed in white cloths, holding a green ball in air while talking about Nietzsche to a carrot. Luckily I am from the Northern part of Sweden so there not much of that shit. If the dudes enjoyed hard music and Saturday fun was drinking moonshine while cruising in the back of a Chevy, you could accept computers. The dudes in HUD – translation SKIN were from Sollefteå in Northern Sweden. I know they made two demos. I can also see from my old gig posters that I have booked them on at least one occasion. I know I went up there to see them but have no recollection of the visit. I guess there was much moonshine involved. And yes – straight edge in Northern Sweden (Refused etc.) was a few years later – and for sure not in Sollefteå.

I had lost these tapes since 20 years but Mikael “Turist i Tillvaron” Sörling was nice to send me his copies. This is the first HUD one we are posting, not sure which year it is and it the first of the two I now got. Anyhow – I loved this band, grind-industrial mayhem and now some 20 years later I get the goose bumps, fucking awesome. If anyone knows what happened to these dudes, please leave a comment.

Songs side A : Ner / Dressyr / Vanligt Folk – Side 2 : Vit Skit / Kastrat.

For songtitles etc – click on the images to expand the higher resolution.

Fold-out and tape

Lyric insert

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